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Meet our Plumbing Apprentices: Learn a Trade - Get Paid to Learn!

The trades are a great career for those who don't want to take out a bunch of loans for college. In plumbing, your Master Plumber pays YOU to learn, and you get cumulative licenses that will serve you for life. Plumbing is also an awesome career for those with college degrees who want to work with their hands and eventually become their own boss. Welcome Shad, our newest plumbing apprentice! When Shad makes it to Master Plumber, he can own his own business. But before then he'll spend years learning the whole system network of plumbing from the ground (literally) up! Shad comes to us fresh from a stint working at Skokomish Park in Washington state. Before that, he earned a Bachelor's degree and spent years in IT. He couldn't wait to get out from behind a desk and start working with his hands. Meet Britanny - Apprentice for 1 year When we met Bri, she was working as a manager at a storage facility, here in Round Rock. She was so hard working, honest an

DIY Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Sinks, Toilets, Disposals and More

If you've got a plumbing problem, don't hesitate to call The Plumbinator to come fix it. But by using this guide to preventative plumbing maintenance, you might have to call us less often! Read on for DIY plumbing do's and don'ts. Garbage Disposals: DO  Run  cold water, not hot water, when the disposal is running. Cold water at full blast from the faucet helps grease to solidify and move with the water down the drain. Hot water will melt grease and could actually push it further down the drain and create a clog. DON'T Grind ice or eggshells in your disposal to "keep the blades sharp". There are no blades in a disposal, only blunt impellers. Ice won't help, and egg membranes can get wrapped around the impellers and damage them.  Water Heaters:  DO  flush your hot water heater through the drain valve at least once per year to remove sediment build up. The sediment could harden, which makes your heater run less efficiently. If sediment conti

How Do I Hire the Right Person for My Plumbing (or Water-Related) Problem in the Round Rock/Austin Area?

Not all plumbers are alike! Each plumber has different specialties and areas of expertise within plumbing, just like doctors, lawyers and other professions. If you call a Round Rock plumber asking for a certain job to be done, they may refer you to another plumber or water professional, since we all know and refer to one another. It's not a dog eat dog competitive world in the Round Rock plumbing scene like you may imagine - we all want each other to be successful and to do our best work! So who is the best person to call in Round Rock for each type of plumbing or water-related job? Here are our recommendations: *Leak Location and Repair - The Plumbinator Got a slab leak, yard leak, wall leak, or a mystery leak? Got Kitec water pipes that need repair or replacement? The Plumbinator is your one-stop-shop for both expert leak location AND repair. You could call a company with "leak location" in the name, but they will only FIND the leak, not fix it. The Plumbinator

Meet the Master Plumber and Owner of The Plumbinator!

Meet Master Plumber and Owner: Mickey Womack I am a Master Plumber with 25 years of experience in plumbing new houses and repairing old houses, specializing in water and sewer leak detection and repair. This combination of experience is unique in the plumbing world. I can see the pipes three-dimensionally in my head and turn them 360 degrees, like a mental CAD program, to see through your walls and diagnose problems other plumbers can't.  Remember, fixing plumbing is not like fixing a refrigerator: Plumbing is a system, not a set of discrete units. There is no set order of tasks for every job that anyone can do - it takes a plumber with skill, experience, and knowledge to figure out exactly what's happening with your system, how each part is interacting with each other part, and what's going wrong. Often, water comes up in a totally different spot from the actual leaking pipe.  That's why you call me after other plumbers have already tried and failed to figure