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Four Kinds of Yard Leaks - How to Spot Them and What to Do

It hasn't rained for a while, but suddenly your dog comes in from the yard with wet, muddy paws. When you look outside you see a huge puddle on the lawn. You might have a yard water leak! Luckily, The Plumbinator specializes in pinpointing the source of yard leaks and fixing them right. But for now, let's learn more about yard leaks. What kinds of pipes are running under your yard that may have sprung a leak? In the  front yard, there are four kinds of pipes: Main Water Line (Service Line) Sewer Line Gas Line Irrigation (Sprinkler) System Signs of a Main Water Line Leak Water travels into your home from the City's water main to your water meter in the yard, then underground through the main service line to your shutoff valve. If your water bill is suddenly sky high, and you see puddles of standing water in the front yard, you probably have a main water line leak. We can pinpoint exactly where along the pipe  the leak is occurring, since it may not be wh