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Need a New Water Heater? They start at $1900 at The Plumbinator Round Rock

Water heater leaving you out in the cold? The Plumbinator Round Rock installs 40 and 50-gallon electric and natural gas water heaters   Water heater in a closet in the garage? $1,900 includes: Brand new Lochinvar or Bradford-White brand 40-gallon water heater unit (add $125 for 50-gallon) New hot and cold flex lines to bring heater up to code New shut off valve Installation of new heater by our licensed and insured plumber Removal and carrying off of old heater Exceptions and Add-Ons: New expansion tank to protect your fixtures? Add $250 New drip leg for natural gas heaters? Add $125 Permit we secure from your city/county will be added to your bill at actual cost. Flood stop sensor (optional) Need a new pan line to bring your heater up to code? Add $250-$500 Is your heater on the second floor or in the attic? Add $200. Call The Plumbinator today!  512-786-1771 Thinking about a tankless water heater instead? We are Navi