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Need a New Water Heater? They start at $1800 at The Plumbinator Round Rock

Water heater leaving you out in the cold? The Plumbinator Round Rock installs 40 and 50-gallon electric and natural gas water heaters  

Water heater in a closet in the garage? $1,800 includes:

A plumber stands with a new tanked water heater, about to install it in a garage closet. The old heater waits nearby for removal.

  • Brand new Lochinvar or Bradford-White brand 40-gallon water heater unit (add $125 for 50-gallon)
  • New hot and cold flex lines to bring heater up to code
  • New shut off valve
  • Installation of new heater by our licensed and insured plumber
  • Removal and carrying off of old heater

Exceptions and Add-Ons:
  • New expansion tank to protect your fixtures? Add $175
  • New drip leg for natural gas heaters? Add $125
  • Permit we secure from your city/county will be added to your bill at actual cost.
  • Need a new pan line to bring your heater up to code? Add $150-$300
  • Is your heater on the second floor or in the attic? Add $100.

Call The Plumbinator today! 512-786-1771

Thinking about a tankless water heater instead? We are Navien tankless experts. Read more and give us a call.


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