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Got Kitec Water Pipes in Austin? We Can REPAIR Them!

Found out your home has Kitec? Got a huge estimate for a total replacement and now you're freaking out? We can help! 

Schedule a free estimate and we'll see if we can REPAIR instead of REPLACE your Kitec.

Kitec Facts:

  • Kitec plumbing was used to install water piping in new homes during the building boom in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Pflugerville, starting in 1995. 
  • In 2005 Kitec was recalled because it corrodes and bursts, but that didn't stop some builders from using it in the Austin area as late as 2008. 
  • Builders liked Kitec because it was cheaper than copper and flexible, so it was easy to install. 
  • Kitec water piping can't take high heat or pressure, and it corrodes quickly. 
  • With Kitec plumbing, pipes won’t just leak, they are likely to totally burst, flooding your home! 
  • Kitec plumbing is a ticking time bomb under your house and based on the start date and recall date (1995-2005) it only lasts about 10 years. 
  • We do Kitec repair AND replacement in the Austin area.

Why Was My Plumber's Estimate So High?

Because the piping is discontinued, it is very difficult to get parts. Plumbing supply stores don't carry them, and the parts are expensive if you can get them at all. For this reason, many plumbers don't want to deal with the effort involved in fixing your system and will automatically recommend an expensive total system replacement. Since it is a question of WHEN your Kitec will fail, not IF, they're not wrong, you WILL need a total replacement at some point. And when that happens, we're there for you. We're experts at total water piping replacement.

How Can The Plumbinator Help Me?

Until you're ready to replace (or your system fails) we may be able to help! The Plumbinator Round Rock has a source to get Kitec fittings inexpensively, and we can sometimes perform small fixes as a stopgap measure. Give us a call and we'll stop by to look at your situation for free and chat about your options for Kitec repair. Spending hundreds sure sounds better than tens of thousands when you only have a small leak! Call 512-786-1771 today.


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