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Meet the Master Plumber and Owner of The Plumbinator!

Meet Master Plumber and Owner: Mickey Womack I am a Master Plumber with 25 years of experience in plumbing new houses and repairing old houses, specializing in water and sewer leak detection and repair. This combination of experience is unique in the plumbing world. I can see the pipes three-dimensionally in my head and turn them 360 degrees, like a mental CAD program, to see through your walls and diagnose problems other plumbers can't.  Remember, fixing plumbing is not like fixing a refrigerator: Plumbing is a system, not a set of discrete units. There is no set order of tasks for every job that anyone can do - it takes a plumber with skill, experience, and knowledge to figure out exactly what's happening with your system, how each part is interacting with each other part, and what's going wrong. Often, water comes up in a totally different spot from the actual leaking pipe.  That's why you call me after other plumbers have already tried and failed to figure